Explore Tactical Scrabble Tips


Becoming good at Scrabble is not just knowing the high-scoring, high-value words and placing them on the board. You must also play tactically with your strategy because it is your ticket to a more advanced level in Scrabble. There are various word tips and strategies to choose from. You just need to be careful and wise what step to take so that you are not just a high scorer but a great tactician as well.

Not for the Faint of Heart

If you think that Scrabble is a sober pastime, think again. Playing this game is more than just placing those tiles on the board and listing your scores on the score sheet. You can explore more and better avenues especially when it comes to Scrabble help and tactics. So, how do the cunning Scrabble masters do it?

Using the S and E Tiles as your Weapons of Choice

One thing you must have in your arsenal is the Official Scrabble dictionary. The letters S and E are the greatest jointers in the set. However, there are only 4 of these tiles available per game. If you got one or more, you are up for the challenge of wisely using these letters to boost your scores. Maximize high-scoring wordssuch as q words that are already on the tiles or join words from a group of unused letters that are strategically placed on the board.

Get those Blocking Gears Ready

Pull off a Gandalf the Grey and get blocking your opponent, not letting them pass in any way. Block those high scores against you simply by not allowing them to do so. Using a Scrabble word finder is not enough if you just even stop your opponent from unleashing their own secret weapons or words on you.

Playing Scrabble is indeed a mind game. Develop your tactics as much as you improve your vocabulary and word bank.


Modern day scrabble is regarded as a technical game before being labelled as a language based game. New Zealand based Scrabble player Nigel Richards won a French Scrabble championship in 2015 in a language he didn’t even speak at the time. This proves there’s a lot of room for you to get a little sneaky on your next Scrabble showdown.


There is only one thing that is going to transform the way you Scrabble. It is of the utmost importance that you keep adding new words to your dictionary. Learning a bunch of high scoring words might also help you clear your rack out efficiently but they might be the difference between you winning and losing the game. You can also look for word tips available online to grow your vocabulary and find high scoring short words such as xi, ex, ox, biz, zin, zoo, zits faze, haze and more.


As Nigel Richards proved with his outstanding victory, Scrabble is more a memory game than a language competition. You should train your brain to memorize new data every day. You can visit Scrabble help websites to learn more efficient ways of enhancing your verbiage, thus training your brain to introduce more words into your daily conversations.


If you do not mind being called a Scrabble cheat, this one is definitely for you. A true game player knows that winning is a combination of efficient game play coupled with the ability to stop your opponent from playing well. You can use words like that, then, hex, my, and more to block a certain high scoring spot on the board. These words are really difficult to add on to and can help you effectively close out that area of the board.

It is time to get sneaky.

Tricks to help you win in scrabble

Scrabble combines the greatest aspects of language, tactic, and board game. But scoring well does not occur easily unless Scrabble help or scrabble cheat is being used. Certain actions can help you on the board by being familiar with some word tips. Below are the tricks that can help you win a scrabble game: Learn two- and three-letter words

Played accurately, two-letter and three-letter words can boost up your score by up to 50 points in a game. Create two words at once using the letter "s."

You can include an "s" to the end of a previously existing word on the board to pluralize it, while also creating a totally new word. But use your "s" intelligently. The game only contains four "s" tiles, so the move should produce at least 10 points to make it valuable.  Place tiles that create familiar endings or beginnings on the suitable sides of your rack. Many words end in "-er," "-ed," or "-ing," so putting those on the right side of your rack will help you imagine future options. You can also attach these endings to existing words to make entirely new ones. Same thing applies to word-beginnings, like "un-," "in-," or "re-." But place those on the left side of your rack. Look for "hooks."

Hooks are lone letters you can add to existing words to make totally new ones. For instance: "Rush" turns into "Brush," "host" into "ghost," and "came" into "camel. You can learn more on online Scrabble word finder." Stay particularly aware of words that could consist of "y," "e," "r," and "d" on the end (like handy, plane, and tamed). 

Learn "Q-without-U" words. 

The letter "q," the top scoring scrabble tile all along with "z," almost at all times precedes a "u." however, the game only have four "u" tiles, probably used in other words.  The certified Scrabble Dictionary lists 17 examples of "q-without-u" words: qabala, qabalah, qadi, qat, qaid, qi, qoph, faqir, mbaqanga, qanat, tranq, qindar, qintar, qwerty, sheqel, qindarka, and sheqalim.  Adding "s" will pluralize all of those, except for the last two.